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Olga Gałek, Executive Board Member


Alumnus in environment engineering and post-graduate studies ‘Management of human resources’. Brand local products manufactured for people and by people are her passion. In 2000 she won the fellowship founded by Maciej Nowicki Foundation and Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. It enabled her to gain important professional experience working on global climate change in Fraunhofer Institut für Atmosphärische Umweltforschung in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. After having come back to Poland in 2001 she focused on promotion of local products and development of local entrepreneurship, developing author’s method of building local brand. She is one of initiators of establishing Environment for Environment Association with a group of Maciej Nowicki Foundation fellowship alumni. She is an author and coordinator of many projects, animator of local partnerships for entrepreneurship development (inc. social economy) and trainer in this field as well as ocal brand and active participation of local community in regional development. She worked out the first in Poland manual on entrepreneurship based on regional resources ‘My company – individual and local success’.

Contact: olga.galek(at)