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Barbara Kazior, President


Archaeologist by profession, for more than 10 years researcher in Archaeological Institute in the Jagiellonian University. Passion for heritage, also younger than thousands of years, transferred to the organization, searching for effective methods of its protection and interpretation. She transplanted ecomuseum concept to Poland, and promotes it obstinately. She managed to inspire and supports over 20 ecomuseal initiatives all over the country. Since 2000 she has been interested in multisector partnership as a method of cooperation for local and regional development. She is alumnus of a prestigious postgraduate course in Cambridge University (Postgraduate Certificate In Cross-sector Partnership) and for many years she has been supporting building and operating of partnerships in Poland. Experienced trainer, moderator and coordinator of programs and projects. Open for new ideas and approaches, searches for new methods and inspiration both in Poland and abroad (questing, social participation). She believes that individual people change the world, but cooperation is necessary to make the change sustainable.

Contact: barbara.kazior(at)